Manifesting vs. Magic

This is an oversimplified explanation about the difference between manifesting versus magic.

Manifesting and magic aren’t mutually exclusive, however, they are not the same thing. Imagine that you’re in a canoe at Point A of a river and at Point Z of the river there’s an apple tree from which you want an apple. The apple is your desire, the river is the energy flow, and you somehow need to navigate from Point A to Point Z to get that apple.

In our general day-to-day lives we float down the river allowing it to do as it will in hopes that we’ll eventually arrive at Point Z. We may end up at points P, Q, X, Y, and D before we get there, but the dream is that some way some how we’ll eventually get there.

When we use manifestation, it’s like taking out the oar and actually steering the canoe down that river, twisting and turning with it, reading the ripples, and adjusting as necessary while avoiding the pitstops in order to arrive at the destination more quickly.

Now, think of the oar as your intuition and discernment, so if you don’t know how to use them well or properly (or if you’re saddled with limiting beliefs) you may end up crashing against some rocks, going in the opposite direction, or otherwise upturning your canoe. But, again, the hope is that some way some how you’ll eventually get there.

Magic is like calling Appletree Eats and asking that it be delivered to you with some prior negotiated terms. And much like any delivery service a lot will depend on your delivery driver, how they’re feeling that day, and whether or not they like you.

If you’re going to use magic you better read the fine print, know the fees, and make sure you read those driver reviews to ensure they won’t actually eat your apple before it gets delivered, or worse…poison it.

Not to mention that although they can deliver it to you, they can’t force you to take it, so don’t get mad if they bring you an apple that you refuse because you don’t like the way it looks. If it was that important you would have provided clearer instructions, double-checked the driver reviews, or gotten it yourself.