Available Readings & Pricing

Dowsing Rods/Pendulum

Straight Y/N: $1.11 per question
Timeline: $3.33 per question

If you double up on questions, I will ask the question altogether as written which could impact the answer. Example: If you ask “Will Buster Boo call me tonight, will we get back together?” I will answer it as “Will Buster Boo call me tonight and will we get back together?”–the answer given may be no because he won’t call tonight even though you two will eventually reconcile at a later date or vice versa. (I highly recommend taking a minute to read “How to Ask a Question“)

Energy Readings

Energy readings aren’t limited to lovers, you can do them for friends, loved ones, and even your employer. An energy connection is how the energy between two people align together and the scale measures between 1-10 how one person feels about the other.

Current Energy Connection: $3.33
Future Energy Connection: $4.44
Current Energy Scale: $3.33
Future Energy Scale: $4.44

Complete Energy Package: $11.11 (includes current/future energy connection & current/future energy scale)

Please note that future energy is dependent on certain conditions being met (example: opening communication or other specific changes) and are generally three months out from current energy.

Divination Card Readings

In Depth Y/N – $3.33/question

In addition to whether the answer is yes or no, I’ll pull a card to read into the energy surrounding the question to offer insight into why it’s a yes/no and provide any potential advice.

Mini Guidance – $11.11

This is a 3 card spread which offers you some insight into your current energy, provides you with advice, and any obstacles which may pop up in your path.

Full Guidance – $22.22

This is a 6-10 card spread which looks at your current energy, where it’s flowing, and offers you the insights/advice you need to know at the moment in order to align with your highest self, and potential outcome.

Guidance can be general (what your guides need you to know at the present moment) or you can request a specific topic or area (i.e. love, career, family, etc.). Please be aware that guidance is just that–guidance. It’s not my place to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, however, I can provide you with insight into the current energy so you’re better informed to make your choices and decisions.

All readings will be emailed to you within 3 business days (which excludes weekends & US holidays). Readings will also include a picture of the cards that come up in your spread because seeing them or reading their words may inspire an additional “aha moment” to further reinforce the reading.

For personal reasons I do not provide health/fertility, legal, or death readings. All answers are provided based on the energy at the time of the reading and energy is ever-changing, so be aware that some of your answers may change based on the free will/choices you or others make. Readings once booked are non-refundable, so please double check before booking.