How to Ask a Question

Because you can’t be certain who the spiritualist is using to gather information, whether it’s a deity, ancestor, angel, or otherwise, it’s important that you leave little to no room for interpretation with your questions.

How can you do that? Simple: be clear, direct, and specific with your question. The reader shouldn’t need to guess at what you’re asking or be confused by the question. It should also be short and to the point.

Take for example the question “are they lying?”–it’s short, but there’s lots of room for interpretation and nine times out of ten the answer will be yes because everyone lies about something at some point even if they’re just lying to themselves.

And if the question literally isn’t on the top of your mind the moment the reader asks it, then the energy of the question you truly want an answer to could get lost in the sea of other energy surrounding you, the reader, and everyone else in the room.

I can’t speak for other readers, however, if I don’t personally know you I won’t go rummaging around in your energy to figure out 1) who “they” is; 2) what “they” is supposedly lying about; or 3) to whom “they” is lying.

While some readers may put on their spiritual snorkel gear and go on a deep dive, others will just hope their guides (or whatever being they’re connected to) will know what you’re talking about, grab the first answer that comes, and move on. The potential problem with that, however, is that most people have a lot of “they’s” in their energy at any given time.

On the same token, please avoid adding unnecessary details. Generally speaking, include the names (or initials) of the people involved (including yourself) and get straight to the heart of the question.

So using the previous example, a better question to ask would be “did JD lie to me about visiting DJ yesterday?” or “is Peter lying to Paul about liking Penelope?” These principles apply to any yes or no question you may ask. Be clear, be direct, be specific, and don’t leave any wiggle room for interpretation.