Available Candles & Pricing

Each candle will include a photo once the work is started and, excepting Prayer and Community Candles, a candle read when the burn is complete. Some of the available candles include:

  • Alignment: cleanse and heal your energy in order to bring you back into alignment with your highest good.
  • Protection: guard your energy from anything that may seek to do it harm or bring you out of alignment with your highest good.
  • Trailblazer: open up all your doors, windows, and roads in order to allow blessings of money, love, success, and happiness.
  • Blockbuster: remove all obstacles and negative energy between you and your desired intention.
  • Blowback: gather up all the negative energy sent your way and then send it right back so the sender can reap what they’ve sown.
  • Financially Flush: this will help you put some extra money in your wallet or bring some success to your business.
  • Self-Love: allow your inner light to shine so you’re able to fully open up to and love yourself regardless of the external world.
  • Lucky in Love: draw a fresh new romance into your life.
  • Reunion: pull an ex-lover back into your life. (I highly recommend doing a consultation prior to ordering this one.)
  • Romance: if you’re already in a relationship and feel it could use some more desire, passion, communication, or romance.
  • Custom: it may be possible to craft a candle based on your specific intentions–during the consultation, we’ll discuss what the best option would be and then I’ll get to work crafting your specific candle.

All candles, with the exception of Prayer Candles, are “fixed” candles meaning the herbal blend, essential oils, and energetic intentions are added to the wax prior to being poured in the glass, and will be dressed with additional herbs, essential oils, and energy prior to being lit.

Prayer Candle – $1.11 min.

Prayer candles are donation based with a minimum of $1.11 (which covers the cost of materials). These are votive candles designed for a general or specific prayer to the Creator and the beneficial beings who work throughout your life. Each prayer candle is dressed with an intention oil based on the prayer before being placed on the alter to burn. These candles will burn for approximately one day and do not include a candle read.

Community Candle – $2.22

Roughly twice per month I will light a seven day candle for a specific intention to which your name can be added. For example, if I’m doing a Financially Flush community candle, I will add the names of everyone who donates to the candle so they may benefit from the energy of the candle. This is a more affordable way for people to get the benefits of a seven day candle, however, you will not receive a candle read because there are too many energies present in the working.

Current Community Candle (Apr. 28th, 2024): Blockbuster

Two Day Candles – $22.22

These candles are great for quick returns on smaller issues, for instance, if you have a small blockage, need a small financial windfall, or want a bit of extra good luck. The one day candles are faster-acting, however, they aren’t designed for longevity. In other words, they can get the party started but they won’t necessarily keep it going.

Three Day Candles – $33.33

These are a good option for larger returns, for instance, if you want to enhance the love and communication in a relationship, want to open up some roads, or want to do a general spiritual cleanse. While these will take a little longer to manifest, the results tend to be fixed and firm. A one-card pull is included at the end of the burn to offer additional insight.

Seven Day Candles – $77.77

These candles are for the stubborn situations that need a little extra elbow-grease, for instance, if you need all obstacles cleared from a path, need to remove negative energy, or mend a broken relationship. While the results of this candle may be felt immediately, it will take a while to fully manifest as it solidifies. A one-card pull is included at the end of the burn to offer additional insight.

Custom Candles – $111.11

Custom candles require a consultation. These are seven day candles crafted for your one specific intention. This is a good option if you want a candle crafted to target something by name and intention from beginning to end. (Examples: “a reunion candle for John James and Ruby Raven” or “business growth for Bombshell Boutique“) A one-card pull is included at the end of the burn to offer additional insight.

Kitchen Sink – $188.88

The Kitchen Sink requires a consultation. This is a custom 14 day candle combination of Blockbuster, Alignment, Trailblazer, Self-Love, Financially Flush, and Protection (in that order) to offer your life an energetic makeover that starts with obstacle removal and wraps up with protection for your newly revamped energy. A three-card pull is included at the end of the burn to offer additional insight.

Process Video – $11.11

This is an optional add-on if you wish to see a short (approx. 5 min.) video of your candle being crafted along with its dressing and lighting. The video will be uploaded and a link will be provided for your viewing.

Please note that candle workings are non-refundable. Please be certain before booking your candle service. Please read the “About Candle Work” page prior to booking so you have an idea of what to expect. When you’re ready, click here to book your candle service.