Methods of Divination

In my practice I use a few different methods of divination. All of my divination, however, is done with the consultation of my guides and God (Divine Creator of All Things).

Divination Cards

I own several sets of Tarot and oracle cards, however, I primarily use a custom deck of 78 cards. I prefer this because I’m able to connect intimately with the cards considering that I created them. The specific cards don’t have a set meaning, despite having a message, so the same card may impart two entirely different messages to two different people.

I use the cards as a means of following the energy, similar to using a map when traveling. They allow me to hone in on the specifics of a reading that you need to know without too many deviations.

Dowsing Rods

Dowsing rods–also called spirit rods, spirit sticks, or divination rods–are used to quickly tap into and measure the energy around you. Archaically used to find water sources, they can help you find just about anything. Because of their limited range of motion, they’re best suited for simple questions (yes or no, or scaling 1-10).

I’ll use the dowsing rods when I need to ask a quick yes or no or if I need to do an energetic check-in or scale. The rods also allow me to feel the energy surrounding the answer as well, such as whether it’s a soft or firm yes/no or if the energy is in heavy flux.


Similar to dowsing rods, a pendulum measures the energy around a situation to provide an answer. Unlike with dowsing rods, the pendulum can offer more information because it has a wider range of movement and can be coupled with a pendulum board, allowing for discovery of initials (or full names with patience), dates, and other energetic nuances.